Once a dog enters the room

Last Update:

… consider all things unsettled. The animal’s presence relaxes people, except for the few critters crawling behind the wall.

The enemy wears many different clothes, many different masks at the same time. He doesn’t bother to check within and look at some other direction except inwards. He is always in the mood of recalibrating sensibilities acquired from external conundrums.

The enemy plays with the hood perpetually draped on him, in spite of how it obfuscates the world without. It won’t be a shame, then, to tell him off if he perspires in his work creating more hindrances for you.

You should work equally hard, if not harder, to fight him, however the losses translate for you. Because in the combined historical and statistical data of things, it gets better after some time. Some people might frown, you might get hurt, but if you did try, then the enemy will know its place. And you will know that your success has just begun. TNU