Hugo generates this static site. All of its native plugins have been disabled, including Google Analytics and Disqus. This site doesn’t track you; and it stores nothing, knows nothing, and shares nothing about its visitors.

It’s okay if you don’t believe us.

The site is hosted on Check out their FAQs about log files for more info. By default (which is maintained), their log files are disabled, “[b]ecause they take up space.”

Check with some browser tools like uBlock Origin and/or Privacy Badger for any anomalies present, which are highly recommended addons on your modern browsers. If you found one, please contact us (check out how on the next few paragraphs)!

The absence of comment section in this blog is intentional. In the internet, it’s usually toxic and/or unproductive. Discussions are important, yes, but they can happen elsewhere. Readers may still refer back to this blog in their forums.

If you’re convinced you really need to, you can reach us in one of the following methods, from most to least preferred:

  • Just include #aklasXyzTnu5h in your posts, toots, tweets, etc., and wait for the void to respond;
  • Use this secure fnContact form to send us a direct message, and wait for the void to respond.
  • This isn’t recommended, but you can email us at . If you want, look for the public key in the footer.

If you’re using Tor Browser, you can set it to the Safest Security setting, and the site will still work. There’s no JavaScript here (no offense, soydevs), only HTML and CSS, keeping it simple, maintainable, and, if need be, scalable. Having minimal features not only makes the readers focus on the content, it’s also a sustainable way to utilize the limited resources of computers that host and render this site.

Some other things that make this site possible:

  • A Unix-based OS and its coreutils, running on 10-year-old metal
  • suckless software including dwm, surf, st
  • (Neo)Vim text editor
  • Git version control system
  • The act of journaling; the only method that matters is the one that works for you
  • Black coffee and/or tea
  • Lao Tzu, William Shakespeare, Bob Ong, and other identities who may or may not be accurately depicted in the public’s mind, something the author/s aspire.

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