Animal Shelters Disrupt Capitalism

Last Update:

Think about it—

Most that we know of don’t generate profit. How can they, when only few of us are sympathetic to the plight of non-humans?

Most of them, by nature, are based on mutual aid. Shelters rescue animals based on a belief that we should all strive to lessen the suffering of others. Animal-lovers in the community respond by donating whatever they can to the shelters. The few animals that do get adopted to their new homes are only ever grateful, loving the humans who have given them a chance at a better life.

Animal shelters take up real estate. Agents of Profit frown on this; they’d think that a lot that doesn’t bring income wastes space. The State doesn’t like this either; if the shelters can’t pay some sort of tax, they’ll cut the utilities. A non-residential establishment should give back to the community, the State and the Capitalists would say.

So, if your shelter doesn’t produce meat, you’ll have a hard time.

All the more you should continue what you’re doing, rescuing and saving animals. You’re existence shifts the balance of the status quo, and that’s what we all—humans and non-humans alike—need right now. TNU