[META] Announcement

Last Update:

A PSA of a small blog like this with little (to no) readership is like yelling at the void. But here goes.


  • We now welcome comments via toots on Mastodon: https://kolektiva.social/@aklas . What we’re doing is for the public. It’s only fitting to hear feedback from the public. You may still contact us through fnContact or email. See the colophon for details.
  • We’re in the process of updating many of our blog posts. There’s now a “Last Update” at the beginning of each post. This is because…
  • We’re planning to compile a zine in the near future. The zine won’t be different than this blog; it’ll just be an offline version of TNU. Any inputs about zine-making is certainly most welcome! While it certainly won’t be for-profit, we’re thinking of making it pay-what-you-can, Php 0 being the minimum.

A quick note on our new Mastodon profile: no guarantee that we will be active there, but rest assured that we’ll check it regularly.

Thoughts? Prayers? Send them in!


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