Freedom of Speech

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“More censorship may be a cure that’s worse than the disease, for we would be surrendering freedom of judgement in exchange for peace of mind.”
– Nick Joaquin

How else can the morning take me if not immediately close to the gallows of sickness?

No headache. No stomach churning, not in the physical sense anyway. No feeling of ill will against the commentators in the morning AM radio, that is, until they actually opened their mouths to speak.

To hear the DDS vitriol in the morning is like having someone slap you awake and then splash you a good hot bucket of water. It’s not particularly fatal, but not pleasant as well.

Of course, they’re Boomers, who else could they be? But it’s too easy to sweep them under one big label. Repeatedly doing that gets tiring quickly. Labels conceal, not reveal.

Is there something else we, leftists, can do to at least hear our thoughts without one of us spontaneously combusting out of frustration?

I don’t usually listen to radio in the morning before breakfast, but when I do, I am greeted with the narrow-mindedness of the Pro-Duterte Administration.

Wala pa yatang dalawang talata, quota na ako sa pakikinig ko sa panig ng DDS.

“Uulitin ko ah: hindi ako dilaw, hindi rin ako pula! Hindi rin ako puti. Kayumanggi ako, TANGINA MO!”
Aling Marie

The good thing about Freedom of Speech is, while it doesn’t excuse you from your critics’ opinions, you are entitled to formulate your own opinion without having to fear Authorities.

If, however, you know there’d be consequences when you speak out, then obviously there’s no Freedom in your place. SPEAK JUST THE SAME. You may have to rethink your strategy in delivering your message, but speak nonetheless! You are entitled to express yourself, no matter where you are in the political spectrum. Even if you’re apolitical (although at this point, why?). No matter who the powers that be. And especially if such expression will anger the powers that be.

It would be nicer, of course, if you have something substantial to say. But all the same, it’s your right to contribute to the senseless noise and echo chambers if you choose to do so.

And by the way, totally “not related”, but Junk Terror Bill. Junk Duterte. TNU