Last Update:

Lost or buried somewhere is the following insight:

William Carlos Williams once wrote in Spring and All¬†that,¬†“Only through the imagination is the advance of intelligence possible, to keep beside growing understanding.” What I have learned tonight through my own imaginary exploration, is this:

All the scenarios that you come up with in your head, of conversations you’ve never had, of meeting people you’ve never met, tell you something about yourself.

We learn equally from imagining great joys and horrible tragedies, and the emotions that follow. As a result, our imaginations help us to celebrate these joys and cope with these tragedies when they actually happen.

The only limits of the imagination are the ones we set for ourselves when we stop imagining new things. To expand the imagination, one must use it not always on repeated scenarios, but to create and explore novel possibilities.

I don’t know what got me thinking about this all of the sudden, but I felt like it was revolutionary for me to some degree; and perhaps, it will be for you, too.