Day 2

Last Update:

In the beginning, there was ME1, and in its center, a vast expanse of nothing but vibrating particles. After a while, I1 decided that, while I may not be the most reliable narrator of my own existence, I might as well continue expressing my perspective because this is the only one that I know of; and in it, a multitude of color wheels and polygonal iterations.

On Day 2, god said ‘Let there be blog!’ And then there was this blog.
– The Smiths

I had authored different personal blogs in the past, being there are several Me’s after all. I think it’s because it’s my nature to express myself in whatever way I know. More specifically, I always find myself circling back to the act of writing out my thoughts.

I hope that this one is diffrent. And I know it will be.

Let this be an attempt to be the collection of musings about the Real Revolution. I’ll try to be as informative as possible, but take that with a grain of salt.

Some time during the last quarter last year, I got involved in a house moving, and the family I was helping to move has a library of books. One of the curious ones is called The Book of Answers by Carol Bolt.

The mechanics is already simple, but if you have no idea what the book is about, let me simplify it more for you:

Think of a yes-no question in your life. Take a few deep breaths, and open to a random page on the book. Supposedly the page contains the answer to your question.

Here’s what I asked:

Is “preaching” about Anarchism worthwhile in the Philippines?

Of course.

Hence, this blog, I kid you not.

Here, I’ll attempt to describe this particular philosophy-slash-politics in a friendly way; how it opposes domination and subordination; how it’s against any coercive relationship in which one group forces another to obey through implicit or explicit threats.

The debate on whether this is the perfect platform for spreading that ideology has already been submitted to the future, and let Future Me handle that. TNU

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