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Project of PAGLAYA PUP1, a youth libertarian organization that explores, imbibes, and prefigures libertarian practices.

The concept note2 below is shared here with permission.

PAGLAYA started when we experienced and collectively realized that the current education system is not liberatory and will never be for our youth’s education. Members of our organization have experienced hostility from professors and members of the university after knowing that we are anarchists and we have libertarian tendencies. The education system do not provide necessary knowledge to help students and the youth develop critical thinking skills to go beyond institutions of harm and violence. The system only conditions students and the youth to perpetuate a backward way of living and builds students to be cogs in the capitalist and fascist system.

Furthermore, the current people in power in our education sector are not represented by students and the youth nor given any platform for equitable participation for reforms and development. EDCOM II3 is proof that we must be against reformism and push for abolitionist reforms in our education system that includes not only students but our labor force in the education sector.

Despite these struggles we prefigured, imagined and manifested a space for our tendencies and our identities as anarchists in the university and in the Philippines. We are actively ostracized, oppressed, and harmed by the current hegemony in the student movement, the national democrats and their counterpart, the social democrats. Even in our student spaces in the university, we are actively pushed out and policed to not have any space to occupy.

In spite of these, we continue to fight for our spaces and push for a more libertarian education. We decided to creatively craft our own space that is mobile and has more capacity to be productive and reach out to more individuals. We decided to activate our project KAPWA initiative and manifest it to build an alternative space than our academic institutions. We present to you our prefiguring of a space for our BATA (kids and youth) to have more safe TAMBAYANs for our BAYAN (or in our university spaces)!

For partnership and collaboration, you can reach us at or send us a direct message!

For monetary support you can use the following platforms:

GCash (Philippines only)

Dexter Emmanuel Reynera
BPI Bank Account (Philippines only)

Dexter Emmanuel Reynera




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  3. The Second Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM II) “is a national commission tasked to undertake a comprehensive national assessment and evaluation of the performance of the Philippine education sector.” More info here: ↩︎