Glance at Authority

Last Update:

Authority has the ambition to shape the circles of their constituency, but more often than not, lack the ability to do so. Without resorting to coercion, fear, abuse of power, charm, seduction, tomfoolery, horseplay, and other malignant acts of man’s creative mind, authority can only do so much to make people follow the rules—rules written by the priveleged.

Many mean well; many more are found insensate, as if playing with people’s lives, if it weren’t for the ignorance. If they do play with people’s lives, their intent has been sinister from the get-go, not good governance.

If the rules are not inclusive, or if they serve to divide people, then the authorities who wrote them function only in cognitive dissonance in which people have to have hierarchies.

Demolish authority.” – Ernest CÅ“urderoy

This has been a Public Service Announcement. TNU