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Random Notes 001
Dinner Party
SIM Registration in the Philippines
BATAMBAYAN Community Mobile Learning Hub
No Authority But Yourself
We Can Do Better
Gender and Sex according to Biologists
NFTs... for Nature?
Animal Shelters Disrupt Capitalism
Radical Transportation
Outsider looking in at Romania
Sunday Broadsheet Epals
Ilang Katanungan Tungkol sa Kinabukasan
Demokrasya sa Gobyerno at Kapitalismo
Against All Ads
Message to Dispossesed Astronauts
On Translating
Our Zines
Rethinking Our Digital Spaces
Ano Ang Mali Sa Estado?
Low-tech Encrypted Communication Using Books: An Idea
This Stupid (Anti-)Social Media
Watch YouTube Videos Using Alternative Clients
The Cry of The Little Peoples
On Learning with the Community
Praxes for 2020
Paano dapat mag-serve ng search warrant ang pulis sa bahay?
Do NOT Start a Business
How to be Fragrance-free
Rant on Scientific Method
What We Are Not
Do mine eyes not bleed at the sight of injustice?
Answers to Job Interview Questions
Act Carefully; Act Bold
Basics of OpSec
Green Capitalism Against Single-Use Plastics?
Use Linux as Daily Driver
Once a dog enters the room
Magtanim ay Di Biro
Isang Dialogo sa Pagitan ng Dalawang Partido
Sino Ang 'Di Pa Nasisiraan Ng Bait?
Paano Makuha Ang Iyong Gusto
Unti Unting Mga Hakbang
Night Letter/s
Being Nobody
How to Be an Anonymous Consumer
What Really Matters
Glance at Authority
Survival Facts That You Should Know
How Much Is Enough
Waste-to-Energy Is a Waste of Energy
On Meditation as Direct Action
Stillness as Radical Movement
Get Rid of TV
Freedom of Speech
Simple Living Formula (& comments from a Millenial)
Understanding Automation
Your Value or Your Life
Consider these for your next Smartphone
Right to Repair
We don't really need the Police
Kawalan Ng Katarungan
The Need for Privacy in and out of Our Digital Spaces
Refuse! There's enough stuff in circulation for ALL
Approaching Zero Waste
Ayos lang maging matumal sa trabaho
Day 2
The Gospel According to the Blind Man

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