Random Notes 001

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Sharing random notes in case anyone finds it useful.

  • Duress1 and Wasted2 are Android apps that work together that listens for a signal (a fake password, for example) that locks and/or wipes device on emergency. Both are in F-droid 3
  • When traveling internationally, consider carefully whether to bring a personal device. Look into how the state you’re visiting is dealing with issues in privacy and securities of their constituents, and of foreigners visiting.
  • The middlemen in our society need to step back and let us run our lives the way we intend to.
  • Part of anti-work’s challenge is letting my co-workers that I care enough to create a safer environment where they would at least not worry about a toxic workplace, when I really couldn’t care any less.
  • Skepticism + Realism ≠ Cynicism + Pessimism