On Meditation as Direct Action

Last Update:

Nothing in the event horizon could replicate my conditions, as they are unique to my account.

And yours—yours beautifully cascades into version Chaos, its own turbulence on a different canvas. You either own it, or untether it from your person. Either way, a choice you must make so something can begin.

I’m not sure, though, about how things work exactly in the grand scheme of things. This universe is the sole manifestation of gods capable of (un)doing, so do we blame it?

We are small. The effects of our actions have the chance to ripple out to many lives, but at some distant point in space and time, it shall stop. We will be forgotten, a third death erasing us forever. Time will atomize the many emotions of joy and hatred, including the ones you might feel when your read this.

And yet there’s nobility in simplicity. And the simple (yet difficult) choice of kindness, in whatever form or phase it takes somewhen and -where, lasts longer, reaches farther. TNU